ASM’s Southeastern Branch will hold its 104th Annual Meeting from November 30 to December 02 on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta.  The theme of the meeting is Microbial Dynamics and Infection. The Southeastern states, and the Atlanta area in particular, are a hotbed for microbial science and the study of microbe-microbe interactions for questions of both human and ecosystem health.  The conference will highlight this theme, focusing specifically on topics of infection and microbial dynamics in human-affected environments.  

Featured Speakers

  • “Killing mycobacteria – one cell at a time” by Dr. Hesper Rego, Yale School of Medicine
  • “Canary in the Coalmine: How the Neonatal Gut Microbiome Promotes Atopy and Asthma Development in Childhood” by Susan Lynch, University of San Francisco

Session Topics

Confocal image of a multicellular ‘snowflake’ yeast, with depth represented in color. Credit: Shane Jacobeen, Peter Yunker & Will Ratcliff.
  • Microbes and hosts
  • Evolutionary dynamics
  • Molecular biology of microbes
  • Viruses and microbial interactions
  • Bacterial physiology and metabolism
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Climate change and microbial ecology
  • Modeling microbial communities